Our Life Matters Counselling

Coping with Stress

It is inevitable that we will experience stress as we move through life. Roles, relationships, employment, transitions, new ventures all bring challenges which may become overwhelming. Counselling psychology gives us a space to talk about these issues and work out strategies to reduce stress.


We all may become anxious when facing new experiences or situations where  negative outcomes have occurred. Our fear and panic may paralyse us or make us spin out of control. By tracking what triggers us, and observing our responses, we are able to begin to manage our fears.


Sometimes we are so exhausted by life that we begin to lose interest in what we previously were excited about. Nothing seems worth doing and our sleep, appetite and social life deteriorates. Talking to a counsellingpsychologist helps you begin the journey out of the isolation of this depressed state.

Grief and Loss

There are times in our lives when we lose a loved one, a loved place, a loved object or situation. Most of the time we are able to grieve and adjust, but sometimes, for some losses, we find it difficult to rebuild ourselves and our lives. Telling our story in a safe place with a counselling psychologistoften assists us heal.


In a world full of objects, we can reach a point where we are unable to move. Or, we may be close to someone who is in this situation. Hoarding can put us at risk physically and psychologically. With patience and by using a harm minimisation approach, a counselling psychologist can assist in sorting our objects, our relationships and ourlives. 


Addictive behaviours are challenging. Understanding the physical, social, and environmental factors that keep these behaviours going helps us to begin to change. A counselling psychologistis able to assist us move from where we are to where we want to be. We are all the experts in our lives, and change is possible.

Managing Relationships

Humans are social creatures and to live well we need to manage our relationships. Negotiating conflict, transitions, challenges to health, boundaries,and issues about identity, is the stuff of life. Often we are able to resolve these issues but there are times when having a neutral third person, such as a counselling psychologist, helps.

Dealing with Violence

Whether we are living with violence currently, or have experienced the trauma of  physical, sexual, emotional or socialabuse in our past, counselling psychology is a safe place to start to put our lives back together. Violence shatters our belief in ourselves and the world. Talking with a counselling psychologist can help rebuild a more balanced feeling of trust and wholeness. 


When we are studying or working on important projects there are times when we hit blocks, lose track or need to nut out difficult concepts. Coaching can assist with getting started, organisation, knowing how to find information and solve issues, and preparing work for presentation. A counselling psychologist with experience in coaching and research may help us get through. 

Art for Expression and Wellbeing Classes

The Art for Expression and Wellbeing Sessions are an opportunity for you to unblock barriers and explore new ways of being. Art is the expression of sensations, perceptions, feelings, thoughts, ideas and experience through media of many kinds. Art is the “well” part of living, a creative and courageous approach to the unknown.

In the Art for Expression and Wellbeing Sessions there is a place for you to let go, to learn more about the process of expression, and give yourself tools to create your own healing journey, at your own pace. As a trained therapist and artist, I will be there to assist you in facing the unknown and the unfamiliar. Together we will clear a pathway for you to moveforward and find meaning in the patterns in your life.

Art for Expression and Wellbeing Sessions

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